We are container packing specialist. You can import any parts with cars.
To Dar es Salaam from US$4,500 (US$1,125 /unit)

To Durban from US$3,800 (US$950/unit)

To Lusaka from US$11,500 (US$2,875/unit)

To Kampala from US$9,900 / (US$2,475/unit)

on the basis of four passenger cars in 40ft container, as of August '09

Book one whole container to save freight cost.
Once you buy a used car, you will need spare parts.

Ro-Ro (Car Carrier Vessel) does not accept extra parts in a car, however, we can ship any extra parts together by a container for lower extra charge than competitors.

Popular cars such as Corolla, Hiace, and Coaster are more expensive than others. However, popular means you can get those parts cheaper & in better condition than the parts of other cars.

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