Yokohama Jidosha supplies any size of farming tractors together with any kind of parts.
Kubota L1801 18hp US$2,000 (FOB Japan)
Yanmar YM1700 17hp US$1,950 (FOB Japan)
Yanmar YM1500 15hp US$1,650 (FOB Japan)
Yanmar YM2000 20hp US$2,250 (FOB Japan)
Kubota L2002DT 4WD 20hp US$3,500 (FOB Japan)
Yanmar YM2500 25hp US$3,000 (FOB Japan)
Shibaura SD3000AT 30hp US$3,000 (FOB Japan)
Buy tractors in a whole container, we can put ten(10) 18hp tractors to 20ft container.

And get a big discount on each. contact here

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